Filip Velev started riding when he was a young boy. With his huge love for horses, horse riding easily became his hobby and lifestyle.


2006 graduated from secondary school as veterinary assistant in Stara Zagora 


2006 - 2009 worked in Great Britain for William and Pippa Funnell as a stable manager and a rider         


2010 worked in Ireland for John Costello as a rider


2009-2018 owner of a horse riding club in Stara Zagora


2012 took part in the Technical Course for Coaches Level 1 in Bozurishte (BUL) with tutor Dimitris Drakakis



2012 participated in the Jumping clinic for:

  • Judging style competition for riders and horses
  • Course designer for Young Horses and style competition
  • Coaching Young Horses – 4 and 5 years old

   with tutor Mr. Stefan Wirth


2013 participated in the FEI Course for promotion to FEI Level 1 Course Designer Jumping with course directors Rob Jensen (NED) and Stefan Wirth (GER)


2014 took part in the Technical Course for Coaches Level 2 with tutor Jean-Philippe Camboulives (FRA)


2015 Attended FEI Level 3 workshops:

  • Mental Fitness of the rider
  • Principles and methods (planning) of Training in Equestrian Sport

with speakers: Mr. Liam Moggan (coaching Ireland), Mr. Jean-Philippe Camboulives (FEI Solidarity Officer), Mr. Peter Stigbosch


2015 graduated from the Zoo Engineering degree 


2016 graduated with a Master’s degree in Equestrian sport 

2017 – present participates as a coach from Bulgarian Equestrian Federation in the Young Riders Academy Clinic’s with tutors Jean-Maurice Bonneau (FRA), Sven Holmberg (SWE), Valentina and Eleonora Ottaviani (ITA), Laura Klaphake (GER), Poppy Blandford (IRE), TeodorSheytanov (BUL), Dr. Stephane Moutaron (SUI), Emma O’Dwyer (IRE)


2019 took part in the Technical Course for Coaches Level 3 with tutors Mr. Lars Meyer Zu Bexten and Mr. Jean-Philippe Camboulives