Season 2021 had brought tones of surprises! New horses, new teammates, new partnerships were born. Our team participated in a lot of competitions. We competed in show jumping, dressage and endurance.

tour year 2021


Show jumping competitions: 

24-25.04.2021 Bozhouritshte
08-09.05.2021 Frigopan
22-23.05.2021 Bozhouritshte
15-16.05.2021 Zhitnitsa
16-20.06.2021 CSI1* Bozhouritshte
17-18.07.2021 Frigopan
31-01.07-08.2021 Zhitnitsa
06-07.08.2021 Frigopan
20-22.08.2021 Zhitnitsa
11-12.09.2021 Zhitnitsa
02-03.10.2021 Frigopan
15-17.10.2021 Zhitnitsa
22-24.10.2021 Bozhouritshte
06-07.11.2021 Zhitnitsa 

Dressage shows:

8-10.07.2021 National Championship class L and Amateurs, Frigopan
13-14.08.2021 Frigopan


26.06.2021 Shumen 
29.10.2021 Asenovgrad

Our team got bigger and better and our members are:

Filip Velev Mila Ivanova Ivon Hristova Alexandra Latunova